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National Resort Title offers customers the most accurate and comprehensive real estate related services in the country. National Resort Title provides assurance and security for you and your family for all real estate transactions and title insurance needs.

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National Resort Title was established in April of 2016. National Resort Title has over 20 years of experience in title & deed work and has built our customer base over the years while working with companies in the Pigeon Forge, Sevierville, and Knoxville, Tennessee area. After years of being sub-contracted and working for other agencies, National Resort Title intends to maintain our reputation while working with clients directly to meet their needs involving title and escrow services.

National Resort Title has multiple key personnel who maintain customer satisfaction and communicate with customers on a day to day basis. Our General Manager at National Resort Title has been in the industry for over 10 years, working with clients involved in real estate transactions and deed transfers.

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Title Closing Services

Smooth and convenient experience for all of our clients

Advanced Title Search

Tax, Assessment, Recorder, Title Plant, and others.

Escrow Service

Ensuring all parties meet their obligations

Title Closing Services

National Resort Title offers a variety of title services. We specialize in providing convenient title search and survey solutions for home owners, buyers and sellers. The services we provide range from different types of title searches to the preparation of preliminary reports for a sale transaction.

With the years of experience in our office, we can handle even the most complex commercial and infrastructure projects seamlessly. Whether the client is a home owner searching for a right-of-way acquisition or a seller wanting to verify a clean title to their home before listing on the market, we ensure a smooth and convenient experience for all of our clients.

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Escrow Services

Depending on the type of transaction or sale, clients may choose to also use our escrow and closing services. The pricing can range from $699.00 up to $5000.00 or more as this fee is generally determined by a percentage of the sale price, like a commission. The terms of escrow are not determined by our office, as we merely assist the clients by ensuring all parties meet their obligations of the sale agreement.

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